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With these PowerPoint Morph animation tricks you will make an unforgettable presentation.
In this video you’ll learn how to easily create professional PowerPoint presentations using the PowerPoint Morph transition. We’ll use the Morph transition to easily create animations and movements of objects, images, words, and characters.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Morph works across slides. It recognizes any objects that are on both and can seamlessly transition from one slide to the next. We’ll take a look at some practical examples to give you an idea on how to use Morph in your own presentations. I covered effortless PowerPoint animation with Morph Transition in a previous video (link is below). This tutorial expands on this topic and shows you three examples where you can apply Morph.

00:00 How to Use PowerPoint Morph to Create Professional Presentations
00:33 Use Morph to Zoom Into Specific Parts of Your Slide
02:55 Use Morph and Crop to Spotlight Parts of Your Slide
07:05 Morph Shapes to Animate a Timeline in PowerPoint
09:48 How to use Morph Transition for Characters and Words
10:28 Wrap Up

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