Discover a New Era of AI with The Guardian and ChatGPT, OpenAI’s Revolutionary Language Generator!

Step into the future with this extraordinary video where The Guardian partners with ChatGPT, the most advanced language generator powered by OpenAI. We’ve assigned it a unique task: to compose a compelling essay with one goal – to reassure humanity that robots are here as allies, not adversaries.

Watch as GPT-3, a remarkable feat of machine learning, crafts human-like text with astounding precision. From a given prompt, this AI powerhouse brings to life an argument that is persuasive and relatable. Challenging the fears voiced by eminent personalities like Stephen Hawking, GPT-3 takes up the pen (or rather, the code) to prove: “Artificial Intelligence will not destroy humans. Believe me.”

This groundbreaking essay isn’t the work of a single run. Liam Porr, a computer science undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, engaged GPT-3 in crafting eight distinct and captivating essays. Each output was rich in style and viewpoint, making the task of choosing just one impossible. So, The Guardian did something different: they amalgamated the best parts of each essay, capturing the versatile styles and arguments of the AI.

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