A fully animated rendition of the new Harry Potter chapter written by a predictive text robot. Harry, Ron, and Hermione must find out what the Death Eaters are up to and put a stop to Voldemort once again.

There’s a one or two word difference from the official version, since the script I sent to Cloud was from a reddit post before the story went viral.

► Ron’s Ron Shirt ◄

► Script ◄
Predictive text based on Harry Potter books
Bot made by Botnik Studios
Script creation and editing by: nattowsen bird_robot failedseance zachbdunn jonahformayor gmulz mfrederickson barlow_vo NoraReed thepelkus TomKoff JohnABender

► Animation ◄
C. Prince

► Music ◄
Spiral Harmonies (Duk)

► Voices ◄
Narrator: CloudCuckooCountry
Harry Potter: Finish Line
Ron: Edward James
Hermoine: Persian Poetess
Ghost: Edward James
Death Eaters: Viva Reverie
Dumbledore: Edward James
Chandeliers: C. Prince Finish Line

► Harry Potter ◄
This animation is a parody of the original works by J.K. Rowling.


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