In this video, I show you how to use the latest breakthrough in AI innovation, AutoGPT. This is a step by step tutorial.
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Summary of steps:
Install anaconda
Install visual code
Open terminal
Download stable not master from github
In command line, navigate to the folder, then type “conda create -n auto-gpt python=3.8”

Then cd into the auto gpt master folder which was downloaded from GITHUB

Open visual studio code, cmnd+n to open new, then cmnd+shift+p for command palette

Type “shell” then select install to path

Type “code .” in terminal to open VS code
Save workspace as

This will install your environment, then you can activate it with “conda activate auto-gpt”
In terminal, type “pip install -r requirements.txt”

Open then right click tab and open preview

Type cp .env.template .env
Then type code .

Open .env in VScode
Copy and paste your API from
Remove hash for Use Mac
Save it

In Terminal, type “sudo xcodebuild -license”
Enter your pw

Add billing to

In Terminal, type ./

Customize your auto-gpt!

Some Terminal commands you may want to know:
Cd [navigates to the folder path you type next]
Cd .. [goes back one]
Ls [lists everything in the current folder]
Python [opens python]
quit() [quits python]
Clear [deletes everything on the screen]

0:00 What is AutoGPT?
2:50 What do I need to run AutoGPT?
4:13 Getting started
5:45 Downloading Python and VisualStudio Code
7:05 Configuring in Terminal
9:10 Reading the ReadMe markdown file
10:45 Adding your OpenAI API key
14:50 Running AutoGPT

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