Aviator is a popular crash-style game that is available for South African punters to enjoy at various SA betting sites. In this quick video I play a few rounds of Aviator on Sportingbet and explain my fairly basic aviator betting strategy, which is chasing pinks and getting the timing right, as well as provide a few tips during the session. I managed to hit a nice big win at the end, not my biggest but I hit the target I was aiming for 🙂 The Aviator game is fantastic, and I really enjoy playing it.

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More about the Aviator

The Spribe powered Aviator is a unique game that isn’t anything like your usual casino or virtual game. Players will notice this from the word go as the game does not feature any reels or paylines as is the norm with standard slot games. Rather, when players launch the game, they will see a plane ready to launch into the skies. This plane and its accompanying multiplier is the most important icon in this game, as it determines how big your win will be


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