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ChatGPT API is recently released. In this project tutorial video I’ll be walking you through how to build an ask-me-anything chatbot using ChatGPT API that answers all your questions about data science, ML, and AI based on content from some popular subreddits. This project idea can be applied to many different use cases. I hope you had fun watching!

0:00 – Intro
0:52 – Project plan
1:34 – Getting Reddit data
2:53 – Datalore (sponsor)
4:33 – Getting Reddit data – continued
10:01 – Exploratory data analysis
13:11 – Wordcloud post titles
15:32 – Sentiment & emotion analysis
19:06 – Building a Reddit chatbot with ChatGPT API
26:19 – Building an interactive report
26:43 – Further ideas & Conclusions

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