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Correction to what I say at 9:45 — That should have been *billions* of course, not millions! Sorry about that.

Today we’ll talk a new explanation for the interstellar object Oumuamua, what’s up with the W-boson anomaly, two new institutes founded by NASA, an airplane powered by hydrogen, a gigapixel 3D microscope, vaccinations without the needles, concrete that talks, nano-labels, and of course the telephone will ring.

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00:00 Intro
00:33 A New Explanation for `Oumuamua’s Path
03:13 ATLAS Checks the Mass of the W-Boson
05:35 NASA Founds 2 New Institutes
07:27 Test Flight of Hydrogen Airplane
10:10 A High-speed Gigapixel 3D Microscope
11:12 Puff Vaccines
12:46 Concrete That Talks
13:59 Nanoscale Security-labels
15:30 Ground News

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