This Power Platform and ChatGPT Better Together Tutorial video showcases how we can take advantage of AI (ChatGPT) to build Power Apps and Power Automate flows.
We can use natural language to ask ChatGPT for assistance in building Power Apps and Power Automate flows – How to build apps and flows, what is Power Apps, how to comment code in Power Apps, Explain formulas in Power Apps, expressions in flows and a lot more.

Examples in video:
How to generate a complex Power Apps filter query by taking the advantage of ChatGPT.
How to use Chat GPT to style HTML tables in Power Automate flows.

ChatGPT is your friend! ChatGPT is increasing in popularity and can definitely help us in creating better Power Apps and Power Automate flows.
Need help about Power Apps functions, need help with flow expressions, need answers to questions about power apps or flows, need to improve your skills in Power Apps and flows – it can surely help but it needs to be used with caution.
I will highlight some challenges about it.

I will also showcase AI based In-Product capabilities in Power Apps and Power Automate that uses GPT3.
Use Ideas in Power Apps, Describe it and let AI build it in flows & Format data by examples.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction to using Chat GPT to build Power Apps and Power Automate flows
00:35 – Microsoft and Open AI Chat GPT partnership
00:46 – AI assistance in Power Apps Studio (In-product feature named Ideas)
02:48 – Introduction to ChatGPT
03:07 – Natural language conversations with Chat GPT to learn about Power Apps
04:32 – Use Chat GPT to build complex filter formulas for PowerApps Gallery
05:49 – Ask Chat GPT to explain Power Apps formulas (Power Fx)
06:08 – Build complex formulas (code) with Chat GPT
07:24 – Comment your code with ChatGPT
07:55 – Write conditional formulas in Power Apps using Open AI Chat GPT
08:32 – Chat GPT – use with caution
09:26 – AI features in Power Automate – Describe your flow and let AI build it
10:02 – Format data by examples in Power Automate flows using AI (GPT-3)
11:49 – Ask ChatGPT to style HTML tables sent via emails from Power Automate flows
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