ChatGPT can take your SEO to the next level – Here’s how:

In this video we’re going to breakdown how we can use ChatGPT to help us with our SEO processes we’re going to look at things like how it can help us with Keyword research, content ideation and outlining, content creation, FAQ creation, structured data and hreflang tag creation among many other things.

We’re also going to be exploring a couple chrome extensions that take your use of ChatGPT to the next level with pre-built prompts that are going to deliver some incredible outputs – and one that helps you connect to the internet! Let’s go!!!

The first is this chrome extension: AIPRM for SEO. When you add this to your chrome you will see this come up inside your chat. These are basically pre-built prompts that help you make sure you have the highest quality output possible which is extremely helpful.

The entry that blew my mind the most was the keyword strategy one so if we try this one out we’re going to see that it basically creates a little table for us, gives us some keywords, the cluster that its related to, the search intent, and the possible title and meta description of some of those keywords absolutely incredible in literally a few seconds.

Now the interesting thing is if we click out of this chat, and click back in – or just take a look at this other example we can see what that prompt was for that output that we just got – i’m not gonna read it all you guys can pause the video and give it a read, but it really puts into perspective how important it is to be descriptive with the prompts to get those high quality results.

Now lets talk about a second plugin – this one here: WebChatGPT

What you can do with this is allow chatgpt to pull and use info directly from the search results and from that you can work with it – so here’s an example:
1. What is the most recent news of the openai company?
2. write an introduction paragraph for a blogpost about the most recent news

So while its obviously not perfect since it is exclusively pulling from live results, its still a solid workaround for now! so definitely check those out

Now lets talk about some more direct SEO applications that ChatGPT solves:

1. Essential SEO Tasks that Chat GPT can do for you
1. Keyword Research
1. ChatGPT is now for me one of the best tools to do free keyword research and for ideation – its up there with all those other free tools so check this out
If I type in: generate 35 long-tail keywords relating to vegan brownie recipe check the results
1. a great number of keywords that we can work with – and in some ways this honestly replaces a lot of the stuff that I would use jasper for – so lets continue on this example lets say i take one of these keywords and lets ask it to give me a blog content idea
2. Blog content ideas
1. Type in: get content idea for blackbean vegan recipe
3. Title + Meta Description
1. Generates title’s and meta descriptions
2. correct meta description – maximum 160 characters
4. Generate a conclusion
5. FAQ’s
6. Generate Structured data
7. Translation
1. Apparently chatgpt currently works with 95 languages so you could translate any of the previous steps and more – but as an example lets say we want to translate the FAQ content inside the schema – lets see how the Chat does – also does exceptionally well.
8. Hreflang Tags
1. A last thing I want to show you guys is generating hreflang tags, this is probably one of the most technical things inside of SEO and chatgpt generates it for us in a second
2. Here’s the text I added: generate hreflang tags for a page that targets english speakers in the US, french speakers in canada, and spanish speakers in spain

I still recommend manually proofreading and editing everything that chatgpt or any ai tool is generating but its great to speed

Let me know if theres other SEO use cases that I missed in the comment – I’ll add a couple of resources that provide even more examples in the description.

0:00 Level up your use of ChatGPT for SEO
0:07 Chrome Extension #1 (Prompts)
2:29 Chrome Extension #2 (Live Results)
4:20 Direct SEO Applications with ChatGPT
8:42 Another Word of Warning

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