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In this video, I’m giving away over 100 free Chat GPT prompts to help you become an advanced user in no time. You get the prompt plus the formula behind it, so you can customize it to your own needs. Plus, I’ll show you how to use some of these, from writing arguments in the writing chapter, to email subjects and even translations with context. To get all these prompts and more, just click the link in the description and sign up for my free weekly AI newsletter. So what are you waiting for? Try out these awesome prompts and let me know what you think in the comments below!


Can you write an argument [for/against][subject] from multiple diverse perspectives? Before you do so, state the characteristics of the various characters?
How would you disarm the first argument?
Write me [number] email subject lines for [type of email] to [target audience]?
Can you translate the [phrase] in the context of a [event] into [language]?
🥗 How can I improve my [health aspect] by making changes to my diet?
🧐 Can you simulate a job interview for [job title] by asking and answering questions as if you are a potential employer in the style of Borat.

0:00 Your advantage
0:46 Different arguments
1:55 Email pro tip
2:42 Translation hack
3:22 Nutrition expert
3:46 100+ questions
4:04 Funny bonus

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