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People from some countries can’t access ChatGPT. Not available in your country as well? Wondering why all methods you could find look extremely untrustworthy? Well, that’s because they are. I will show you a safe and reliable way to access ChatGPT, even if OpenAI services are not available in your country, including how to bypass the tricky phone verification step.


The first tool you need is a VPN for ChatGPT. I personally recommend NordVPN, as an overall secure option, and you can try it for free using a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If NordVPN won’t fit your needs, for instance, you need more simultaneous connections or more expansive server grids Surfshark is also a very good option you can consider.

Just make sure to check beforehand what kind of ChatGPT VPN you are using, a lot of free options end up selling your data for profit, which kind of defeats the purpose.

How to access ChatGPT with a VPN

Connect to a server where ChatGPT is available. While it can just be US or UK, for better performance I recommend looking for a location that’s close to you. For instance, if you are searching how to use ChatGPT in Egypt, other European countries like Germany will suit you better than the UK. If you’ve tried finding the solution for the ChatGPT problem, you should either use the Incognito mode, or clear cache and cookies from your browser first.

Put in your credentials, and verify your email. If you are using incognito, make sure you are verifying from the incognito browser tab as well.

Phone verification. ChatGPT requires phone verification, which is the biggest problem. If I’m looking for how to use ChatGPT in China, Russia, or Egypt, of course, my phone number won’t be accepted. After all, ChatGPT doesn’t work in my country – this is how they enforce it. Of course, there are free and open ChatGPT mobile phone verification tools available, but not all of them work, and some even end up collecting and selling your data. That’s why I’ve used a fairly cheap and easy-to-use verification tool: Temp-number.

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0:16 How to access ChatGPT
1:13 How to use VPN for ChatGPT
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2:11 ChatGPT phone verification
4:04 Accessing ChatGPT

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