ChatGPT Prompt Hack: The Amazing “Let`s think about this” Prompt

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In this video, we’ll be introducing you to the game-changing “Let’s Think About This” prompt in ChatGPT.

This unique tool encourages critical thinking and deeper reflection on your writing, resulting in more dynamic and informative passages.

Learn how to use this powerful tool to elevate your text generation game and create truly thought-provoking content.

00:00 ChatGPT Secret Prompt Hack Intro
00:13 How to get better responses from ChatGPT
01:18 ChatGPT Example Prompt
01:54 ChatGPT Reverse Perspective Prompt
02:41 ChatGPT Bigger Context Prompt
04:10 ChatGPT Multiple Angles Prompt
05:14 ChatGPT Impact Prompt
05:53 ChatGPT Historical Prompt
06:57 ChatGPT Economics Prompt


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