On June 1st I taught this virtual workshop to showcase what is possible with ChatGPT. I recorded the session and there has been a lot of interest in it (plus some issue with accessing the recording) so I have decided to live stream this session for you. THIS IS RECORDED. I am available to answer questions in the comments but the live stream is actually the recording from my June 1st ChatGPT Unleased session.

Here are some of the links I mention:

During the webinar, I introduced some powerful tools that can supercharge your digital marketing efforts. In case you missed them, here’s a recap:

TopicMojo: Discover the potential topics that resonate with your audience and elevate your content strategy. Learn more and explore TopicMojo at [Insert TopicMojo Link: https://stellar.tips/Topic-Mojo].

Export Comments: Streamline your engagement and analyze comments on various platforms to gather valuable insights. Visit [Insert Export Comments Link: https://exportcomments.com/] to explore the possibilities.

Congratulations are in order for Jennifer M and Mitch F, the winners of our live giveaway! They have won free access to my upcoming premium training, “Get Clear, Get Clients.” It’s an opportunity to dive deep into building a strong, cohesive brand that captivates your audience and boosts your bottom line.

If you missed out on the giveaway or want to join us for this exclusive training, I invite you to secure your spot now. Here are the details:

“Get Clear, Get Clients” Workshop:
Virtual Workshop: June 21st
In Person in Prosper, Texas: June 28th

In this workshop, you’ll unlock the secrets to crafting a powerful brand message, refining your value proposition, and effectively representing your business to potential clients. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to increased revenue!

Secure your spot today:
Virtual Workshop: https://stellar.tips/get-clear
In Person Workshop (Prosper, Texas): https://stellar.tips/get-clear-prosper

Remember, inconsistent branding can cost companies 23% of potential revenue annually, according to Medium reports. Don’t let inconsistency hold back your business growth! Invest in the power of consistent branding and watch your business thrive.


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