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Master YouTube’s Viral Formula in 5 Days with 5 AI Tools

Are you struggling to get your YouTube videos to go viral? Look no further! In this video, we will introduce you to 5 powerful AI tools that will skyrocket your chances of creating viral content on YouTube. With these easy-to-learn tools, you’ll enhance your video’s visibility, attract more viewers, and increase engagement like never before!

Step 1

How to use to choose a YouTube channel name for a cooking channel say for example.

1. Go to and enter the keyword “cooking.”
2. Select a name style like “Short Phrase” & select an option for how random you want this to be like “Low”.
3. Namelix will generate a list of potential channel names, such as “The Cooking Channel,” and “Chef On Demand”.
4. Choose the channel name that you like the best & take a screen shot of the logo to use it anywhere.

Step 2
How to use VidIQ to find your viral video keyword, thumbnail & title.

1. Install the vidIQ extension on your browser.
2. Use the vidIQ keyword research tool to find the right keywords for your video.
3. Use the vidIQ AI Tool to know how to create a thumbnail that will grab attention.
4. Use the vidIQ title generator to create a title that will make people click.

Here are some additional tips:
* Use short, catchy titles that are easy to remember.
* Use keywords which have high search volume & very low competition.
* Make sure your thumbnail is high-quality and eye-catching.
* Promote your video on social media and other channels.

Step 3
How to use Chat GPT or Google Bard to create an epic story

1. Come up with a basic idea for your story. What will the setting be? Who are the characters? What is the conflict?
2. Write a prompt for ChatGPT or Google Bard. This should be a clear and concise description of your story idea.
3. Run the prompt through ChatGPT or Google Bard. The AI will generate a response that you can then use to start building your story.
4. Edit and refine your story. Add details, flesh out the characters, and make sure the plot flows smoothly.

Here is an example of the prompt that I used to create this story:
Make a youtube video script for “Traditional Video Creation vs AI Video Making” of 10 minutes for my youtube channel AIDANCE with appropriate title and thumbnail, title, description & keywords for maximum seo & better keyword ranking

Step 4
How to use Google Bard to transform your video content into catchy, engaging songs

1. Write a prompt that describes the mood, style, and genre of your song.
2. Generate a song using Google Bard.
3. Export the song in text format & edit the song to your liking.
4. Use it in a tool like MusicLM or Amber Music, to generate music from text descriptions.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m still working on this new tool, but I’m excited to share a video with you all very soon.

Step 5
Here are 4 easy steps on how to use Descript for video editing:

1. To upload your video to Descript, you can drag and drop it into the Descript editor, or you can paste a link to the video.
2. Descript will automatically transcribe your video. You can then edit the transcript to correct any errors.
3. Once you have edited the transcript, you can use it to edit your video. You can add text, images, and audio to your video, and you can also rearrange the clips.
4. When you are finished editing your video, you can export it in a variety of formats.

Namelix :
ChatGPT & Bard :
VidIQ :
Desccript :
1. For video editing :
2. For VoiceOver :


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