In the field of artificial intelligence, there are a lot of different perspectives to consider. Is it viable to build intelligent machines using present paradigms, or should we alter the concepts guiding AI research in light of cognitive science discoveries? Should we continue to utilize the possibilities of deep learning, or should we use a hybrid strategy to empower machines with both knowledge and data? These questions shape the landscape of AI’s present and future, yet just a few people are interested in discovering answers. However, there is one aspect of AI that should alarm all of us. That includes you. In some fashion or another, it will have an effect on the history that has not yet been written. We’re talking about the risks and dangers of AI. Surprisingly, despite the importance of this issue, experts cannot agree on what the most important challenges are. One example of a scary consequence of AI is Google’s AI, which, before it was turned off, disclosed something that billions of humans have spent their whole lives trying to figure out: the meaning of life! What is the purpose of one’s life, according to Google’s AI? In this video, we look deep into Google’s AI and what it revealed about the meaning of life before being shut down!

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