How to Display the File Path of Your Excel File
In this excel tutorial you’ll learn how to get or display the file path of your excel workbook. We need the file path for several reasons. Sometimes we need it for vba or opening workbook or even linking up workbooks. But closing all the workbook and going to the actual file location and copying the file path from there isn’t convenient. There are some excellent solutions for you in this tutorial. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to copy your file location from inside your excel workbook. How to open file location from inside excel workbook. Also, how to display file path of your excel workbook on the quick access toolbar of your ribbon.

How to copy file path of excel workbook from inside excel?
Solution: There is a built-in solution for this in excel. All you need to go to the backstage view of excel. Just click on the file menu and you’ll be in the backstage view. Now by default you will be under the Info menu and there you’ll find “Copy Path” button. When you click there your file path will be copied. Right beside that button you’ll find another button called “Open File Location”. If you click on that button it will open the folder where your workbook is saved. You can copy the file path from there also.

How do you show the file path on your quick access toolbar in excel?
Solution: Now this is what we are looking for. If we can display the file path on the quick access toolbar it will help us in many ways. Let’s follow the steps below to display file path on excel ribbon.

Step 1: Click on the “File” menu.
Step 2: Click on the “Options”.
Step 3: Click on “Quick Access Toolbar”.
Step 4: Select “All Commands” from the Dropdown.
Step 5: Find “Document Location” from the list.
Step 6: Click “Add” and then click “OK”.
Done. From now of you will find the document location or the file path on the quick access toolbar.

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