Want to learn how to fix the “Your Connection is Not Private” error? 🤔 This guide will teach you how
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Kinsta works with thousands of different websites on a daily basis, so when it comes to different types of errors, we’ve pretty much seen it all. From database connection errors to the white screen of death, ERR_CACHE_MISS, and browser/TLS related issues.

Some of these for the everyday users can be downright frustrating and even scary at times. Depending on the type of error it could also mean downtime for your website, which means you’re losing money. Or it might just be that the browser on your computer needs fixing.

Today we’re going to dive into the “your connection is not private” error and walk you through some ways to get things working again. Tune in to learn about what causes this error and what you can do to prevent it in the future.

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0:00 Intro
0:56 Try Reloading the Page
1:16 Manually Proceed (Unsafe)
2:17 Are You in a Cafe or Airport?
3:12 Check Your Computer’s Clock
4:30 Try in Incognito Mode
5:05 Clear Browser Cache and Cookies
5:18 Try Clearing the SSL State on Your Computer
6:00 Change DNS Servers
6:35 Disable VPN and Antivirus Temporarily
6:58 Make Sure the Certificate Hasn’t Expired
8:08 Check Subject Alternative Domain
8:54 Is the Certificate SHA-1?
9:24 Is the Certificate Issued by Symantec?
9:48 Run an SSL Server Test
10:35 Update Your Operating System
11:07 Restart Your Computer
11:23 Reach out For Help
11:55 Disable Chrome Checking SSL Certificates



How to Fix Your Connection is Not Private Error

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