Lyell Hintz ( @dotsimulate ) Shows us how to make amazing AI animations with Stable Diffusion and Cloud Deforum in just a few minutes! So make sure your shoes are tied because your socks are about to be blown off! Also, go check out his pages on Instagram and YouTube to keep up with his latest work and AI tips!

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If you are getting errors, here are some troubleshooting options for a few common errors.

If you can’t render your video preview go to your Google Drive, and you’ll see your frames in the Stable Diffusion folder. If you download that folder, you can upload it as an image sequence in editing programs like Premiere, and it should work great!

For errors and Red Signs:
1) Sometimes, Colab will bug out with free users. However, I have reloaded Colab, and waited an hour or two, or even until the next day, and it worked fine without changing anything. This error comes up a bit when running multiple animations in a day.

2) triple-check that all of the play buttons are pressed and have a green check mark next to them. I accidentally miss one all the time.

Last Resort:
Try re-downloading the CKPT (make sure you have over 4GB on hard drive) and ensuring it’s in your Google Drive model folder. Re-watch the video and follow it step by step.

0:00 Intro
0:20 How to install AI Animation
2:50 Settings for creating AI Animations
7:19 Exporting AI Animations
8:40 Lyell Hints the legend


ClicGo Demo