How To Read Isometric Drawing

In a piping isometrics drawing, pipe is drawn according to it’s length, width and depth, and often shown in a single view. The Isometrics drawing are created from information found on a plan and elevation views.

Symbols like fittings, Valves and flanges are modified to adapt to the isometric grid. Piping isometrics are usually drawn on a pre-printed paper, with lines of equilateral triangles form of 60°. Pipe lengths are measured using coordinates and elevations. Vertical pipe lengths are calculated using elevations, while horizontal lengths are calculated using north-south and east-west coordinates. Piping isometrics are generally produced from orthographic drawings and essential to design and manufacturing phase of a very complex or large piping systems. It is often used by designers prior to a stress analysis and used by draftsmen to produce shop fabrication spool drawings. Isometrics drawing is also the most important drawings for installation contractors during the field portion of the project.

The isometric drawing is oriented on the grid relative to the north arrow found on plan drawings and not drawn to scale. Therefore, dimensions are required to specify exact lengths of piping runs. his video is about how to read isometric drawing in piping. Basically this video taught you in sample way to read bill materials, directions,and quantities in pipefitting | Wire bending in piping| Elbow centre calculations| Length measurements of piping | Bill materials in piping
n this video tell about calculation and fabrication of 45 degree offset of pipeline
Tell about fit up and complete detail of 45 degree offset
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What is a pipe offset? What is a rolling offset?

In doing some pipe works, we sometimes encounter situations wherein we have to connect two lines of pipes that are not quite aligned with each other. These two pipelines could be offset horizontally or vertically. When we see a combination of both horizontal and vertical offset, or in other perspectives, a combination of offsets in two different directions, we call it a pipe rolling offset.

To deal with pipe offsets, we can use a bent pipe fitting to change the direction of the pipeline and another bent fitting to return to the final direction of the pipeline. In this calculator, we tackle how to find the travel length, which is the length of the diagonal that connects the two points at which the pipeline changes directions
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