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Standard practice in most schools across the world is to simply block access to any website the school administrators don’t think of as “educational” or anything that might distract you from “learning”.
A lot of these firewalls simply stop you accessing websites that actually help you with your work anyway. So, if you don’t know how to unblock sites at school, you can say goodbye to all your external essay sources, plus those downtime apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, YouTube, and of course, anything gaming-related.

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0:22 Why schools block websites?
0:33 What websites are blocked at schools?
1:03 Unblocking websites at school using VPN
1:15 How VPN works?
1:33 My TOP VPNs recommendations for unblocking websites at school
1:47 Free VPNs for unblocking websites at school
2:03 How to unblock websites at school with proxy servers?
2:27 How to unblock websites with wayback maschine?
2:44 Bottom line: what is the best way to unblock websites at school?

First, the simplest and easiest is to use a VPN. Now, having a VPN simply means that you know how to unblock websites at school. You’re the go to website unblocker. Anyone needs to access a website, you got them covered.
The best VPNs have everything you’d need to get around blocks, most importantly, accessing everything through a remote server. For example, if you try to access steampowered.com on the computer in your library via a VPN, the computer won’t know this is what you’re doing. It will seem like you’re just connecting to a VPN server.

Proxies are features of some VPNs, but there are loads of free websites that do the same thing for our intents and purposes. A couple issues with proxies is that many schools will have already blocked a good few of them. Don’t worry though. There are thousands of web proxies. They can’t block them all. The other thing is, some proxies are quite shady so make sure to protect yourself before using one.

**Wayback Machine**
This is a fun way to unblock websites at school, but it won’t always work and it’s not good for all situations. Over at archive.org, you’ll find the Wayback Machine. Just type in the website, and it’ll take you to a recent version of it.
Pretty fun, but not so useful if you need to log in, for example as it just stores a snapshot of the website.

Alright, at the end of the day, from these three methods, VPNs, in my opinion, are probably the best way how to unblock websites at school. Now go unblock some websites, you crazy kids.

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