How to use Open AI Chat GPT in 5 ways to improve your life and work. Explained with examples so you can learn and start using it. Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence tool that can generate text, write essays, answer questions, classify and compare text, explain or write codes. It is fluent in almost every language and is currently available for free. In this video I will show you how to use it. This chat bot is most advanced AI to date and it’s made by Open AI.

User friendly version:
Advanced playground version:

How to use it:
How to write essay:
More tips:
More tips:
Video about Chat GPT:
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0:00 Intro about Chat GPT
0:34 Simple questions
1:05 Writing essay, scripts, songs or documents
2:40 Marketing, posts for social networks
3:01 Coding in multiple languages
3:21 Translation and speaking Languages

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