ChatGPT is one of the fastest platforms on all time and I wanted to show you how to use ChatGPT in this video.

ChatGPT is an Artificial intelligent powered chatbot.

It was developed by a company called Open Ai in 2017. Open Ai was founded is currently led by CEO Sam Altman. It has several other co-founders, including Elon Musk and has significant backing from Microsoft.

On November 30th, 2022, Chat GPT released Chat GPT 3. In just five days, it reached a million daily users. A month later, it had reach 100 million active users and it is expected to reach a billion user in less than 12 months.

ChatGPT was training by a massive set of data. It’s purpose is to give human like responses to variety of questions and prompts in a chat format.

It can help with variety of personal and business tasks, such as write content, come up with a marketing plan, write stories and poetry. It can also write computer code, translate language, write research papers and summarize books, movies, and articles.

Now let me show you exactly how to use it and then I’ll show you some advance options.

To get started, go to You’ll have to create an account and verify it.
There are currently no apps for iPhone or Android. You can use it on the computer and mobile website. ChatGPT is also currently free. There are talks of a paid pro version in the near future.

When you login, you’ll see a box. You can place a chat or prompt here.
You can ask it a question for example. Keep in mind, Chat GPT doesn’t have access to the internet. It was trained based on a data set. So it is not currently up to date with the latest information.

Here are some of the most popular use cases for ChatGPT.

1. Customer Service Chatbots
2. Virtual Assistance
3. Conversational AI for e-commerce and retail
4. Interactive Storytelling and Games
5. Educational and Training Chatbots
6. HR Chatbots for Employee Assistance
7. Healthcare Chatbots for symptom checkers and health information
8. News and Information Chatbots
9. Lead Generation and Sales Chatbots
10. Language Translation and Text Generation.

For personal cases, you can use it to recap a book or movie. You can have it rewrite an email for you. You can ask it to extend any written text for you.
You can ask for recommendations on activities or travel destinations. It can help you create a personal budget.

If you get stuck and not sure what prompt to give it to get a good response, you can use marketplaces such as prompt base.

With marketplaces, people buy and sell prompts to save time and get the desired outcome out of Chat GPT.

You can see the trending prompts as well as the most popular prompts.

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