ChatGPT has got memory. Short term memory – based on chat context. You can make ChatGPT follow certain things / rules / instructions / commands throughout your chat session in same window. You can do so by telling it to do it.

For example:
If you wish to ask questions and receive answers in your preferred language without the need to repeat yourself in every message, here i how you can do it.

Prompt: I will be asking questions in [ language name ], reply in [ language name ] from now on, and keep your answers concise, limited to one sentence. Do you understand?

Now ask qestions and see ChatGPT follow instructions / commands.

To go back I can tell it to move back to English language or any other preferred language.

ChatGPT remembers the context of chat. In the same chat window, you can reference something from previous communication or you can tell ChatGPT to do something for next messages and it will do it.

For example:
You can define something and then onwards only reference it.

Prompt: [ main sentence here ]
This is the base sentence.
I will reference this base sentence next.
Do you understand?

ChatGPT will answer ‘yes’.
Now reference base sentence and ask ChatGPT to do something with base sentence. It will do it.

Such as:

Prompt: Translate base sentence in [ language name ]
Prompt: Expand base sentence.
Prompt: Rephrase base sentence.

I am only referencing the sentence and it knows what it has to do.

So call it ChatGPT context or short term memory, use it to work faster and smarter with ChatGPT.

What do you use ChatGPT context for? Give me more use cases in comments.

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