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I’m going to share some of the 400 amazing Chat GPT prompts that I collected. I’m sure you’ll find them extremely useful to help you with productivity, learning new skills, getting creative with copywriting, and even finding funny nicknames for your pet. I’ll take you through some of my favorite prompts from the five categories, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to generate ideas and get advice from seasoned professionals. So let’s dive right in and learn how to use Chat GPT!

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Chat GPT:

🤔 Can you find some practical ways to practice/develop [skill] without joining a course or a community?
🤨 In [society/culture] is it generally considered to be [characteristic] or [characteristic]?
🥗 Can you create a [number]-day meal/diet plan for [age group] who needs to consume [number] calories per day but make it [restrction]-friendly?
Can you come up with a funny nickname for a [subject] that incorporates a play on words?

0:00 My collection of 400+ prompts
0:53 Learn fast
2:26 Social category
3:32 Improve your health with AI
4:55 Funny names for your pet

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