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The ICRA 2023 Robot Exhibition, held in London, showcased some of the most innovative developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. In this report, we highlight some of the most interesting inventions that are changing our world today.

Lite3 is designed for educational and scientific research. Using the latest proprietary joints, control systems and advanced algorithms deep in the cloud, it has stronger, more flexible and more reliable motion capabilities. Lite3’s open modular structure and interface make it adaptable and scalable, allowing it to develop advanced perceptual abilities such as autonomous navigation, visual positioning and environmental reconstruction.

Also on display was the X20 robot, the latest version of DEEP Robotics’ Jueying series, which has already been deployed for industrial use. Tasks it performs include power inspections, emergency rescue work, public safety inspections, tunnel, mining and industrial site inspections, and construction site reconnaissance.

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Canadian startup 1X introduced its humanoid robots that combine artificial intelligence with human-like bodies. OpenAI, known for its ChatGPT language models, invested in 1X to revolutionize the job market. The company’s humanoid robot, Neo, with legs and a brain in the form of ChatGPT, could be the next breakthrough in technology.

Engineered Arts designed a humanoid robot, Ameca, with generative artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, which communicated with visitors and drew pictures. Ameca’s realistic facial expressions and body language mimic human communication, making conversations interesting and natural. The humanoid robot is available for about $100,000, and a full-size walking version is in development.

The highlight of ICRA 2023 was the performance by artist Stelarc, who combined human anatomy, robotics, and art. The Extended Arm, a mechanism with 11 degrees of freedom, mimics primate proportions, and a sensor bracelet worn on the left hand provides another dimension of acoustic interaction, manipulating volume, notes, and pitch modulations with rotating pressure rings.

Unitree Robotics presented its consumer and industrial robots, including the B1, a high-capacity model with wheels on all four legs, capable of operating underwater and carrying an adult human on its back.

Direct Drive Tech introduced its new Tita robot, and researchers from Imperial College London and Empa showcased their cutting-edge development of 3D drones, dubbed Aerial-AM, inspired by bees. These drones work together to autonomously print and repair various designs, reducing future construction costs and risks, especially in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations.

College engineers unveiled a robotic arm with a proprietary RGB-D machine vision system that estimates the location of multiple objects using real-time multiview vision, making the robot work accurately and methodically on any objects that are chaotically placed in front of it.

Bitcraze creators presented a fully decentralized drone swarm that autonomously flies along random trajectories, avoiding collisions and charging wirelessly using the Qi-deck system, and a small and inexpensive drone Flapper Nimble with an original structure and wings, similar to a bat or a butterfly.

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