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THIS EPISODE ► As Ai image generation takes the art world by storm, Niko sits down to see if he can harness its power and create the first-ever narrative story illustrated entirely by a computer.

A message from Niko ► Hi there! If you’re reading this far, it’s probably because you want to learn more about this technology, and possibly want to run it yourself.

The easiest and simplest way to try Stable Diffusion is through their official online tool, Dream Studio –

Now, if you want to get in on the open source movement, you can have this up and running on most modern PCs for free. However, if you’ve never worked with open source projects before, there is a learning curve to get started. Don’t worry! With a little focused time you’ll be up and running, and there are many of us online ready to help.

The two communities I recommend starting with:
Official Stable Diffusion Discord –
r/StableDiffusion –

You got questions? Start there!

At the studio we’re currently running AUTOMATIC1111’s version of Stable Diffusion. If you want to install it, here’s a guide:

Check out the other guides on that site as well, for other ways to run Stable Diff. You can even run it on the could!

As for Dreambooth… you’re gonna need access to some serious hardware to run it. In time I’m sure this will change, but at this moment it is very challenging. Be forewarned!

Here is the official project from Google:

And this is the implementation in Stable Diffusion I recommend you try:

I’ll be honest with you- I am no ML scientist, and I can’t break down in detail how the code works. This is raw experimental stuff, and frankly most of us have no idea what we’re doing. But we’re chipping away at it! I recommend stopping by this specific discord thread if you wanna help out:

And finally, all of this is possible right now because of open sharing of knowledge and collaboration. Keep this spirit alive and share! You’re one of the pioneers- let’s learn from and support each other!

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