In this video you’ll learn how to create an AI chatbot for your website using LangChain, Supabase, Typescript, and Next.js. LangChain is a framework that makes it easier to build scalable AI/LLM apps. Supabase is an open source Postgres database that can store embeddings using a pg vector extension.

We’ll discuss the process of extracting relevant data from website links, “embedding” the vectors using Openai’s embedding function, storing the embeddings in Supabase, and querying(asking a question) to ‘chat’ with your website data.

Whether you run or work for a business (or personal brand), you know how important it is to connect with your audiences/customers in a timely manner as soon as they interact with your brand/website (otherwise they will bounce).

Chatbots give your brand/website a fighting chance of connecting with your ideal audience by creating a personalized, interactive, and immediate response to their questions. 24/7 whether you’re there or not.

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