In this show, Derek Liddell, an engineering leader from the Loop team at Microsoft presents the end-to-end experiences with the new Microsoft Loop app, available both on the web and in mobile.

The Loop app is a transformative co-creation experience that brings together teams, content, and tasks across your tools and devices. It gives you a central place to bring people together to create real-time content in a simple, collaborative and structured way, from using intelligent search to build your first shared workspaces, where you can enjoy super-fast synchronized collaboration to leveraging AI with Copilot in Loop, to generate ideas with others on your team to get in your flow. Copilot capabilities in Loop will begin rolling out in the next few months.

If you’re using Loop components today, you might familiar with how you can embed live, auto-updating content seamlessly across apps like Microsoft Teams, Outlook email, Word and even the Whiteboard – all from the same source, freeing you up to work in your preferred collaboration modality. The Loop app builds on this and gives you a new hub to create and find all of your shared Loop components, workspaces, and pages.

00:00 – What is Microsoft Loop?
00:30 – Loop components in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Word
01:28 – The new Microsoft Loop app
01:39 – Getting started with Loop
04:47 – Working with others in their preferred apps
06:45 – Using AI with Copilot to generate and refine content
09:28 – Notifications, getting back to your Loop components, and ideas
10:09 – Wrap up

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Start using Loop at
Get the mobile app at
Admin steps to enable at

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