In this video, I show you how you can get the fortune 3 enchantment in Minecraft. This is arguably the best enchant you can get. especially when used for mining things like diamonds, lapis lazuli, coal, and even flint when used on a shovel!

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This video shows you how to set up your enchanting table, how to use it, and also how you can make enchanting books by using an anvil so you don’t want diamonds making tons of pickaxes.

Intro: (00:00)
Preparing Your Enchanting Table: (00:15)
How To Use Enchanting Table: (00:51)
Chance Of Getting Fortune 3: (01:53)
Put Enchants On A Books: (02:14)
Combine Enchanted Books: (02:36)
Where To Get Enchanted Books: (03:09)
How To Craft Enchanting Table: (03:19)
How To Craft Bookshelf: (03:30)
How To Craft Book: (03:39)
How To Craft Paper: (03:46)
How To Find Leather: (03:56)
How To Craft Anvil: (04:01)
How To Get Obsidian: (04:11)



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