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Session recorded live on 2023-10-04

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About the Session:

When it comes to Excel automation, we are all using the same micro actions (e.g. open a workbook, change a cell value, save a PDF, etc). If we place those micro actions into a specific order we create an automated process.

But, what if we had re-usable automation machine already filled with all the micro actions we need? Then all we need to do is put the actions into the right order!

This session explores how to create your own automation machine and how you can use it for building Excel automation processes fast.


About the Speaker: Mark Proctor

Mark is a qualified accountant, reporting automation consultant and trainer who has been designing spreadsheet solutions to solve real-world problems for over 20 years.

Mark’s primary focus is helping individuals to use the Microsoft tools they already have to automate their work and reclaim their time.

As a Microsoft MVP, Mark is recognized as a community leader who consistently shares knowledge to help workplace warriors to become more efficient in their jobs.


Find more about Mark’s work and connect with him:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/markstephenproctor/
Website: https://exceloffthegrid.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@exceloffthegrid
Twitter: https://twitter.com/exceloffthegrid

00:00:00 – Celia Alves MS Excel Toronto news and upcoming events
00:07:50 – Celia Introduces Mark Proctor
00:09:25 – Mark introduces his presentation – How to build an Automation Machine
00:16:00 – Identify the one thing that will make everything else a lot easier & Repeatable framework
00:24:35 – How to build the automation machine Demo (from scratch)
00:34:25 – Build individual machine cogs manually in VBA
00:51:45 – Test solution; Test solution is refreshable/reuseable
00:54:30 – Power Automate for automation and limitations
00:59:10 – Demo of Automation Toolkit built my Mark with pre-written VBA codes
01:10:00 – Run automation using a button; Add an input box
01:16:40 – Automate emailing PowerPoint presentation with email text prefilled
01:20:30 – Assign macro to a shape to run our automation and hide all other sheets; Custom Ribbon & Where you can get Mark’s toolkit
01: Questions and Wrap up


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