Open AI has released an optimized version of GPT 3.5 and GPT 4. Join me as I give my first impressions as I explore the differences when building Mule 4 flows between legacy GPT 3.5, optimized GPT 3.5, and GPT 4 models.

This video shows my first impressions as I task ChatGPT to build:
– Hello World Mule app using the HTTP Listener
– Generate an MUnit test case
– Provide code for asynchronous processing
– Detailed Mule app using the HTTP Listener
– CSV streaming Mule app using SFTP Connector

This video contains my opinions and are not the opinions of my employer, Salesforce.

Video Outline & Time Stamps
– Video Intro: 00:00
– Previous GPT3.5 experiment: 01:45
– Build an HTTP “Hello World” app: 02:43
– Generate an MUnit test case: 14:06
– Async Scope: 19:17
– Build an HTTP Complex Mule app using HTTP Listener: 28:00
– Build an SFTP Mule app: 37:24
– Validate SFTP Mule app code using Documentation: 38:32
– Validate SFTP Mule app using Anypoint Studio 7: 50:41

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