Hey everyone! Welcome to my Notion AI Video. Get started with Notion for free, and unlock the power of Notion AI for only $10 a month: https://ntn.so/kharmamedicai I run through how to use Notion AI, a Notion AI tutorial, and then run through several interesting use cases and examples.

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00:00 – 01:06 How I use Notion
01:06 – 06:04 Notion AI Templates
06:04 – 09:54 Generating Questions
09:54 – 12:48 Brainstorming Ideas
12:48 – 14:12 Translation
14:12 – 17:20 Shorten/Extend Writing
17:20 – 18:36 Summarising
18:36 – 20:45 Changing Tone
20:45 – 22:12 Concluding Thoughts


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