OpenAI has made a massive Gamechanger and just introduced a new ChatGPT plugin marketplace that allows businesses to integrate their own custom apps. Offical OpenAI Chatgpt Plugins are also included in this new feature update.

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PICTORY (Automatic AI Video Editing):
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This kind of update makes ChatGPT Apps such as these even more powerful:

How to use GPT 4 Free

So in today’s video, we will see how to access and how to use Open AI ChatGPT plugins, as well as see a demo of their use.

One great addition, ChatGPT has a new “browser plugin” that enables ChatGPT to browse the internet and retrieve relevant information. It also has a “code interpreter” that can execute Python code and handle uploads and downloads.

One of the benefits of using ChatGPT plugins is that they allow users to interact with external services without leaving the chat interface. This can save time and make it easier for users to complete tasks. Plugins can also be used to automate tasks that would otherwise require manual input from the user.

Another benefit of using ChatGPT plugins is that they can help improve the accuracy of responses generated by ChatGPT. For example, a plugin could be used to access up-to-date information about a particular topic or event. This information could then be used by ChatGPT to generate a more accurate response. This gets around the limitation that Chat GPT had of its information database only being till near the end of 2021.

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⏱️Table of Contents⏱️ for “Open AI Chat GPT Official Plugins”
0:00 How to use Openai Chatgpt plugins
1:03 How to access Chatgpt plugins
1:54 Chat GPT 3rd Party Plugins
2:34 Chatgpt Browsing Plugin
3:45 Chatgpt Interpreter Plugin
4:20 Upload files to Chatgpt
4:33 Chatgpt Retrieval Plugin
5:51 What to do next

In this video you will learn:
– How to use openai chatgpt plugins
– How to access openai chatgpt plugins
– How to use official openai chatgpt plugins
– How to use Chatgpt browsing plugin
– How to use chatgpt 3rd party plugins
– How to use chatgpt plugins
– How to use chatgpt plugin
– How to use chat gpt plugins
– How to use chatgpt browser

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