Rizz, Canon events, Skibidi Toilet, Chess, Are you a T? Trends Online DC Universe

Canon events, according to YouTube are a plot point that is immutable in every timeline as it is essential to the equilibrium of the multiverse (e.g. Spider-Man being bitten by a radioactive spider), and has become a source of memes for fans, who caption or title videos about their life with “it’s a canon event.” From the Wes Anderson trend to Euphoria to The Little Mermaid, Creators leverage the unique aesthetics and iconic moments of these blockbusters to express themselves in new ways.

Short for “charisma,” did Kai Cenat really coin the term “rizz” that has become a touchstone of Gen Z slang and led to a boom of rizz content on YouTube. In the past year, uploads per day of videos with rizz in the title have increased over 15x, and have been viewed over 600 million times.3 With more people adapting and participating in the viral concept, rizz video content has expanded its definition from POV videos to Creators evaluating displays of rizz to sketch comedy. Rizz, Canon events, Skibidi Toilet, Chess, Are you a T? Trends Online DC Universe

“Are you a T?” has been the question being asked by Korean Shorts Creators who are using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tests as a way to create fun videos and memes. In Korea, the MBTI functions similarly to the horoscopes in the US, providing a shorthand for people to discuss their personalities. In Korea, videos related to MBTI have been viewed a whopping 100 million times over the past 90 days.4 Rizz, Canon events, Skibidi Toilet, Chess, Are you a T? Trends Online DC Universe

Skibidi Toilet. Back in February one animated Short featuring “the Skibidi Toilet” gained over 30M views in just three months, and kicked off what is now an episodic series of over 13 organized seasons much like a traditional TV show. Garnering tens of millions of views on each video, the series features a bodiless head emerging from a toilet bowl singing a Biser King/Timbaland remix, and has inspired complex lore among a massive fanbase. The series’ Creator has amassed over 20M subscribers and 8B views, and has a mobile game reflecting the series concept in development. Rizz, Canon events, Skibidi Toilet, Chess, Are you a T? Trends Online DC Universe

Chess. There have been over 4 billion views of videos related to chess this year.5 While chess content initially saw interest during the pandemic, including its unconventional partnership with comedy in India, it maintained its popularity with Creators using modern creative techniques to bring chess into the present day, from standard gameplay videos to Chessboxing events to unique openers and endgames. This interest in strategy board games is something we are seeing pick up in other places of the world too. In Japan, for example, the chess-like game, Shogi, has experienced a resurgence, earning over 350M views this year.

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