A tutorial and demo of a Rust-based OpenAI GPT-3 Integration. GPT-3 APIs allow any developer to integrate world class human-like AI into their projects. Our example project is a CLI that gives human-like responses to questions, but with a strong bias for bringing up the Rust programming language!

00:00 Intro / Demo
01:29 OpenAI Overview
02:27 Project Creation
02:46 Dependencies
04:20 Use Statements
05:02 Model Structs
07:08 main
07:40 HTTPS Client Setup
08:18 Premble String
08:44 OpenAI Token
09:35 Main Loop
10:33 Creating the OpenAI Request
11:32 Handling the OpenAI Response
12:07 Printing The Result
12:39 Build and Test
13:07 Outtakes


ClicGo Demo