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Samsung Notes : Top 20 Tips and Tricks – How to Use Samsung Notes App
Samsung notes with no doubt is the best note taking app for students, teachers and professionals. With s pen to text tool to shape tool, dragging image from internet browser or PDF annotation, all your necessary note taking features are available in Samsung notes. In this video i am showing the top 20 features of Samsung notes, which increase your productivity and it will also helpful for note taking in the class. With S Pen makes it more interesting and fun to utilize all Samsung notes features. The tablet that i am using is Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite. You can also use the the multitasking feature in Samsung notes. Samsung notes will help you in taking notes from textbook, taking notes from video, taking notes in lecture. If you are a beginner for note taking, Samsung notes is the best app to start. I also showed some of the effect note taking methods.
00:00 – Introduction
00:11 – Insert image and Text from Google
01:58 – Insert URL
02:27 – Insert Tags
03:26 – Taking Picture of Lecture
04:28 – Change Template
04:57 – Shape Tool
05:51 – Change Style tool
06:42 – Voice Notes
07:37 – Insert Image as Template
08:48 – Yearly Plan template
09:25 – PDF Annotation
10:13 – Categorization
11:16 – Drawing Tool
12:27 – Pen Tool
13:38 – Lock Canvas
14:12 – Easy Writing Pad
14:42 – Handwriting to Text
15:08 – Gallery Image with Lasso Crop
15:56 – Highlighter Tool
15:28 – Reading Mode
16:42 – Text Tool
17:32 – Selection Tool
18:06 – Calculation, Email, Call Tool
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