Supercharge your chatbot with limitless knowledge using Pinecone vector databases – unlock the ultimate conversational experience!

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About: Discover how to expand your chatbot’s knowledge with Pinecone, a popular vector database solution, in this tutorial. Learn about vector databases, embeddings, semantic similarity searches, and how to create a Q&A chatbot with OpenAI and Pinecone for a unique conversational experience. Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and chatbots by integrating Pinecone, enabling users to chat with your documents for unparalleled knowledge access and an exceptional conversational journey.

0:00 – Intro
0:21- What are vector databases?
1:55- Pinecone overview
2:25 – Install
2:50 – Getting the Documents
2:54 – Splitting the Documents
3:47 – Generate Embeddings
3:56 – Upload to pinecone
4:31 – Querying
4:57 – Writing Prompts
5:24 – Running the model
6:04 – Demo
6:30 – Outro


ClicGo Demo