WHY I’M RETIRING – MY FAREWELL GOOD-BYE: https://impulsewords.com/YouTube/


I made this channel to grow my personal brand and the best way I know to do that is to GIVE YOU HUGE VALUE FREE. So that’s what this channel is about.

In the last 13 years:

* I played some small-school college basketball before dropping out as a 20-year old virgin
* I got good with girls
* I became a millionaire at 24 as a Dating Coach for men
* I sold over $67 Million Dollars online (I spent a ton of it on dumb stuff)
* I taught others how to make money online then called it quits because it wasn’t fulfilling
* I have other online businesses in health and the VR space. I don’t share specifics on them because it’s already hard, I don’t need more competition

My obsession is marketing. I love it.

Now that was a lot of sentences starting with “I”. Let’s talk about you:

You’re on this channel if you’re looking to get better at my main topics:

1. Figuring out your BIG, HUGE, THROBBING VISION for yourself and dominating your path in life
2. Mastering your High-Status Sub-Communications so you act like the badass you were meant to be
3. Living past 100 and looking/feeling young
4. Releasing your emotional blocks so you become YOUR OWN SOLID OBJECT in life
5. Copy/Persuasion because it’s my favorite thing to talk about and can make you rich

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INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jasoncapital


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