ChatGPT on iPhone, But Better. | S-GPT – A Siri ChatGPT Shortcut for iPhone

ChatGPT on the iPhone in the form of a Siri shortcut is nothing new. However, there has never been a way to tie in native system functions with ChatPGT – until now.

S-GPT is a revolutionary Siri Shortcut for the iPhone that allows you to ask your standard ChatGPT-like questions, but now with access to your iPhone’s Calendar, Reminders, Music app, clipboard, and more! This way you can not only ask for a list of songs, but S-GPT can actually create a playlist of those songs and publish it to your Apple Music account. And in this video, we explain how to set it up along with some examples of the powerful shortcut. Enjoy!

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About S-GPT:

0:00 Why this is NOT just another ChatGPT shortcut (insane example)
1:26 How to set up S-GPT (pay attention)
4:42 Examples that will blow you away
7:12 iOS System Functions + ChatGPT
8:09 Another Example with impressive result
8:35 Why it’ll only get better with time (and updates)

What do you think of S-GPT and having this much power on your iPhone with a shortcut?

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