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Say Hi on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/godajuskevi/

Link to the job post mentioned in the video: https://jobs.lever.co/Anthropic/e3cde481-d446-460f-b576-93cab67bd1ed
P.S. I heard they got 200 applications in the first hours… so.. you know… Yey? 😀

What is Prompt Engineering and Where to start learning:
learnprompting.org http://bit.ly/3YvFids
OpenAI: Best practices for prompt engineering with OpenAI API https://help.openai.com/en/articles/6654000-best-practices-for-prompt-engineering-with-openai-api
OpenAI forum: https://community.openai.com/
GitHub Prompt Engineering Guide https://github.com/dair-ai/Prompt-Engineering-Guide
The ChatGPT Prompt Book: https://heystacks.com/doc/1273/the-chatgpt-prompt-book-lifearchitectai-rev
AI text detectors:
OpenAI classifier(not a detector lol) https://openai.com/blog/new-ai-classifier-for-indicating-ai-written-text/

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AI Resources I use and recommend (some might be affiliate links):
PromptPerfect for prompt optimization: FOR 15% OFF, Use this link and the code ‘PromptWithGoda’ at the checkout! https://bit.ly/42Grj64
Text Blaze for quick prompt recall: https://textblaze.me/godago
SnackPrompt for the prompt organization: https://bit.ly/3UVv3hF
Learn Prompting https://bit.ly/3YvFids

00:00 This AI Skill is no Joke
00:48 The 3 Warnings For using AI
03:29 The 5 Places to Start Learning Prompt Engineering
05:23 Use this Prompt example (+6 tips)

”Email response” prompt example:
Replay to this email: ”Hey! Thanks for signing up to my newsletter I’m curious, where did you hear about it? If you have 30 seconds, I’d love to hear about your background, current work and your area of interest! What is the one recent piece of news, startup or research paper that you’d recommend I check out? 🤓 Speak soon, Nathan ” Respond diplomatically and comprehensive. The goal is to convince the receiver to have a call for a short chat where I can tell more about my interest in AI and some ideas I have. Email should be 500 words or less, written to 10 years old reading proficiency. Let’s think about this step by step.

The response I got (🤓)
Dear Nathan,
Thank you for reaching out and for the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter. I heard about it through a colleague who highly recommended it.
I would be happy to share more about my background and interests with you. I have been working in the field of artificial intelligence for several years and I am passionate about the ways it can be used to improve people’s lives. Currently, I am focused on developing AI solutions for various industries and I am always looking for new ways to apply my knowledge and skills.
Regarding the recent piece of news or research paper, I would highly recommend you check out “The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence” by Nick Bostrom and Samuel Arbesman. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the ethical considerations surrounding the development and deployment of AI and is a must-read for anyone interested in the field.
Finally, I would be more than happy to have a short call with you to discuss my ideas and how they might be of interest to you. I believe that a conversation would give us both a better understanding of how we could work together in the future.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Best regards, [Your Name]


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