In this Excel tutorial, we look at the Excel Functions Translator add-in. We’ll walk step-by-step on how to install the Translator add-in + how you can then use the Functions Translator.

This add-in is a FREE language translator tool that you can use to translate functions and formulas in Excel from one language into another.

There are 3 main ways that the Functions Translator can help you translate Excel functions:

1. Translator’s Reference tab: Here, functions are listed alphabetically by category. The left column has the function in what you set as your “From” language, while the right column shows its translation.

2. Dictionary tab: In this section of the Translator, you can type the function you want to translate and Excel will return its translation along with a description of what the function does.

3. Translator tab: In this tab of the Functions Translator, you can translate formulas and functions. Just type or copy/paste your formula into the text boxes provided, then use the directional arrows to guide the translation.

This tool is perfect if you collaborate with people who use Excel in a different language than you.

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