The Best ChatGPT Prompt For SEO: ChatGPT SEO is still an incredibly requested topic – and so I thought I’d make this video to show people how to sign up to Google Ads Keyword Planner, and how to exploit ChatGPT to give you a list of potential items that people want to buy in any niche, and then using that on Google Ads Keyword Planner to get some insane keywords

This is my favorite free SEO Niche research tool, as it allows trending keywords to be picked up directly from Google, which means we know that the data is good and accurate

A lot of people would say that you should pay for a keyword tool, but honestly I would just use this instead, as it’s a much better niche research tool, especially for trending products

When you don’t know about the niche specifically, you can use ChatGPT to prompt you to give you some useful information, heres my ChatGPT prompt I engineered:

“I am writing for my amazon niche affiliate blog about camping – Can you give me a list of potential objects that people may need to go camping? The nicher the better, just give me a list, don’t give me details”

(Not really prompt engineering but I am saying that for YouTube SEO :D)

This isn’t really a new thing for SEO’s and also I’ve talked a lot about this method previously on my channel in the context of Print on Demand

I wanted to firstly make an updated video on the sign up process for a new ad account to Google ads, but I wanted to go into a bit more detail about how we can actually use the tool to find Amazon Niche Blog Keywords, which we can use on our WordPress websites to Boost WordPress SEO. This is mainly geared towards Affiliate Marketers, but it can be used for basically anything to be honest with you

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0:00 How to set up Google Ads Keyword Planner (Skip if you know this already)
1:52 Niche Research using ChatGPT


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