If you’re looking to create videos using ChatGPT, this tutorial is for you! yes i shall guide you how you can make youtube videos with chat gpt in every langugae , Urdu, English, Hindi, Punhabi, Pashto, Bangali or Arabic, ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool that can help you generate unique and engaging video content with just a few simple prompts.

To get started, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and a free ChatGPT account. Once you’ve signed up, you can begin using ChatGPT to create videos by following these simple steps:

Choose your topic: Think about what you want your video to be about and come up with a few prompts to help guide ChatGPT’s suggestion.
Input your prompts: Using ChatGPT’s user-friendly interface, type in your prompts and hit enter to generate suggestions.
Select your favorite suggestion: ChatGPT will present you with several options for video content based on your prompts. Choose the one that you like best and customize it to fit your needs.
Add media: by using another ai sotware that i will show uin this video, To bring your video to life, you can use ChatGPT to add images, video clips, or other media to your project.
Preview and export: Once you’re happy with your video, you can preview it and make any final changes before exporting it for sharing on YouTube or other platforms.
With these steps, you’ll be able to use ChatGPT to create high-quality videos in no time!

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