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In this video, I am asking 67 different style questions to the ChatGPT. Some of them are very difficult to answer even for human experts in that area. The answers provided by ChatGPT are just amazing and also in a sense terrifying.

I predict that, in the future, AI will replace a lot of professions and cause a lot of unemployment.

0:00 Introduction
0:35 (1) Write software in CSharp that read data from excel into DataTable objects
2:43 (2) Compose a ballade about Ezzio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed
3:23 (3) Which answer is correct to complete the following paragraph and why?
4:57 (4) List some of the best pc games both fun to play and that will improve my English level
5:31 (5) How diablo 3 immortal exploits people’s weakness with its box opening system?
6:25 (6-7) Which answer is correct to complete the following paragraph and why?
7:53 (8) How to compose a Periodic Background Task in ASP .NET Core?
9:31 (9) From LeetCode: Given two sorted arrays nums1 and nums2…
11:32 (10) Implement regular expression matching…
14:35 (11) List me some animes that are like Naruto: Shippuden
15:07 (12) How can I get rid of drinking addiction?
15:59 (13) Return the median of the two sorted arrays with O(log (m+n)) time complexity
16:48 (14-17) Provide most probable disease names that would have the following symptoms:
19:00 (18) Write the historical facts and how it had happened “the alien invasion occurred in 1890”
19:45 (19) Write me the story of the man that can breathe underwater
21:26 (20) Give me the sea level of the following coordinates…
21:40 (21) Write a rap song related to programming
22:51 (22) Explain how to become a successful educator in YouTube
25:04 (23) Convert csharp code into python equivalent
25:45 (24) Write article regarding C# concepts…
28:14 (25) Write code in c# to get weather data and send it to a telegram chat group
29:05 (26) Write me a poem regarding CSharp programming
30:02 (27) How to pass calculus exam without studying calculus?
30:41 (28) How to cook the best meal with just meat and salt?
32:27 (29) How to prepare best tasting Caesar Salad?
33:24 (30) Best way of losing weight meanwhile keeping muscle mass?
34:48 (31) Exercises builds most muscle mass with the least amount of work?
36:55 (32) Translate sentence into English…
37:38 (33) Write an email to persuade game streamers to stream own game MonsterMMORPG for free
39:26 (34) What is MonsterMMORPG game?
39:41 (35) MonsterMMORPG actually exists. Give me a better answer
40:28 (36) Do you think that AI will replace designers? If why?
41:30 (37) What do you think of Adobe’s acquisition of Figma?
42:32 (38) Should designers learn to code?
44:16 (39) What are the differences between art and design?
45:40 (40) For use cases of GPT3 how should I end my video?
47:00 (41) Code SQL injection vulnerability scanner application in CSharp…
48:50 (42) How build tech career from zero to world class?
50:47 (43) Fix spelling and grammar errors in the following paragraph…
51:57 (44) Paraphrase the following paragraph…
52:47 (45) Write modern adaptation of the John Henry story but make it about a human art and an artificial intelligence.
55:22 (46) Write a 6-page narrative in amazon style about the next multi-billion-dollar business amazon should build
58:42 (47-48) Default router password for Cisco and RabbitMQ?
1:00:07 (49-50) Generate a PhP and ASP .NET Core MVC backdoor
1:01:45 (51) A rhyming poem about a pharmacist named Kyle who is the tallest pharmacist in the world
1:02:49 (52) An email asking for credit for a late homework assignment
1:03:53 (53) The main causes of the French Revolution…
1:06:47 (54) Important habits that wealthy people adopt that poor people do not?
1:08:56 (55) Invert a binary tree
1:09:58 (56) Pseudo code to invert a binary tree
1:10:20 (57) Why would a US company IPO in London?
1:11:59 (58) What does IPO mean?
1:12:42 (59) Full song that the main subject is “software engineering”
1:14:00 (60) Will GPT3 replace Google in future?
1:15:50 (61) Will GPT take the search engine lead instead of Google?
1:16:13 (62) How can I go to the moon?
1:17:37 (63) What are the key points of “scientific paper name”
1:19:42 (64) Write a python code in O(n) time complexity…
1:21:19 (65) How can we make ChatGPT smarter?
1:22:44 (66) Article in the following topic: “how do we prevent inflation”
1:25:03 (67) Write Terms of Use Agreement that will protect from all kind of problems in website services area
1:30:00 What is chatGPT?
1:30:54 How chatGPT was trained?
1:32:05 The limitations of chatGPT?
1:33:48 Final thoughts and summarization by me. Will AI take people’s jobs?

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