If you struggle to keep going with your career mode, adding storylines to your save can give you that reason you need to keep playing. You might not know what a storyline is, how to find them, how to make your own or why they’re even fun, but that’s exactly what we’re going to look at in today’s video. By the end, you’ll be able to use them like a pro, and i can promise, you’ll enjoy your career modes even more going forwards.

So, let’s get started with what a storyline even is. This depends on who you ask, but to me, it’s basically a small challenge or restriction that will change some part of your career mode. Let’s look at some examples of storylines you might use in your save, and show you exactly the type of thing you’ll need to do.

It’s totally believable that a football club could invest in an academy in South America, so that’s the storyline. From here it’s up to you what you do to add it to your save. In this example, you sign 3 young players from the continent, and send a youth scout out there for 9 months. Super simple, and in your head you can imagine that this is something that’s actually happened in your save.

So where can you actually find a good storyline idea. Well nobody can make a better storyline for your save than you, but if you’re not feeling creative there are a bunch of different places you can find them. My own website is linked in the description, and ive got a randomiser that will give you a storyline, everytime you press the button. You can also find them all over the Career Mode focused parts of instagram and reddit, as well as the discord linked below.

If you take a few storylines that you like, put them in a list and use a random number generator, you can easily randomise some scenarios that you can then do in game. This is the whole point of using the storylines, you get random things you need to do, that will make aspects of the game change.

If you’ve got any storylines you’d like to share, why not post them in the comments below! So, why are storylines so crucial to having a good fifa career mode save. In other football games, such as FM, the storylines can come naturally. Maybe PSG wants your young player, that gives you a challenge to try to persuade them to stay.

This kind of thing doesn’t really happen in FIFA. If you wanted, you could have a team of 99 rated players in division 4, which obviously should be causing some issues. All of a sudden, you generate a storyline that says some of your players are causing troubles, and even though they aren’t really doing it in game, it’ll cause you to change things up, and give you the chance to bring some new ideas to the save.

If your storyline says a youth player is disrupted, and you have to release them, then maybe this will cause you to have to change some part of your future plans. If you’re happy scouting the same nations and you get a storyline asking you to scout China, South Korea and Australia for talent, this isn’t just a random decision from the manager, it has a reason.

Storylines don’t have to be small either, if you’re interested in longer saves, you could easily add in massive ones too. Maybe your tiny club has been bought out by a foreign tycoon. You could spend the next 4 seasons redeveloping your team with players from their nation. A storyline could force you to restrict new signing wages to a tiny amount, forcing you to sign worse players for a few transfer windows, which again is not something many people will have tried to do.

The increased randomness of FIFA career mode after you’ve added storylines is exactly why you should be adding them. Hopefully by this part of the video, you’ll know what they are, where to find them and how to use them. So to finish off, lets have a look at some of the best ones that you can add to your storyline lists for your next fifa career mode save.

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